Cancer is Something We do, Not Something We Get - a not-for-profit web site where Nick talks candidly about his battle against cancer.

Dublin, Ireland, February 17, 2008 --( Cancer is a choice. This is what cancer patient and founder of – Nick Kay – believes as he perseveres in his battle against cancer.

Nick is in his 30’s and has an aggressive form of bladder cancer. For the past few years, doctors have tried to treat Nick’s cancer in a number of different ways, but nothing has worked. As a last resort, doctors proposed radical, life changing surgery. But Nick wasn’t ready to take such a drastic step and, against the advice of his medical team, decided to treat his cancer using only natural means. Nick’s doctors were not supportive of this decision, telling Nick that he would not see his children grow up unless he agreed to the surgery.

In 2007, Nick launched - a not-for-profit web site where Nick talks candidly about his battle against cancer. What makes unique is that unlike other web sites about cancer on the Internet – most of which offer general information about cancer or try to sell commercial products - Nick is sharing his personal experiences and findings as they are happening, hoping he will help and inspire others. What Nick shares goes far beyond a written diary: his web site offers detailed and personal information, such as Nick’s daily log where he documents what he eats and drinks every day, live blood analysis, weight graphs, pH graphs and more.

One of the reasons Nick named his web site “Stop Doing Cancer” is because Nick believes that people diagnosed with cancer are responsible for developing the disease. “I believe that cancer is not something that strikes us. It is something we do to ourselves because of the way we eat, move, think, feel, and so on,” says Nick Kay. “I believe I will reverse my cancer by making better lifestyle choices and allowing my body to heal itself.”

After reading many books and articles on cancer, Nick based his natural treatment program on “The pH Miracle” by Dr. Robert Young. “Essentially, Dr. Young states that all disease stems from an over-acidification of our tissues and fluids and that we can prevent and reverse most disease by living alkalizing lifestyles,” says Nick. “I have definitely seen improvements since I started this program. For one, I look better than I have in a long, long time. People comment all the time on that. I also feel like I did in my 20's - strong and vibrant. I have boundless energy. I have hardly had any symptoms since I started the program, especially the last month, or so.“ also servers as a community for cancer patients and survivors, where people can post comments, ask questions and share their experiences and success stories. The response to has been very positive. “Just think by transforming your health, there may be countless others that will be watching you and think if he can do, it why can't I? You will be in effect saving many other lives by saving your own!” – writes Kim from Boston, MA, USA in her posting on And Lisa Woodard from Cary, NC writes: “I am totally blown away by the comprehensiveness and professionalism of your website!”

“My hope is that my website will inspire you and that you will learn from my actions and from everyone that shares their knowledge and stories on this website,” says Nick Kay. For more information, please visit

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Nick Kay
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