New Designer Makeup Website: Beauty Makeup Academy, Just Released

Father/Daughter team create a brand new designer cosmetic website to fulfill life long passion of serving the beauty/cosmetic industry.

Los Angeles, CA, July 31, 2017 --( New cosmetic website creation fulfills a life long passion of a local father and daughter team. The new site, Beauty Makeup Academy, consists of over 20 major cosmetic brands all hand picked from some of the biggest names in the industry all in one convenient place. The site has so far been proven a huge success due to the collaboration of talents combined from the family team which consists of talents from the daughter as a writer and beauty expert and from the father as a website designer and creator ultimately resulting in a successful venture. They would like to invite everyone to come take a look at their work and possibly leave a comment or suggestion as improvement ideas are always welcome. You can access the site by copying and pasting the following URL:
James Alexander