VEN-UE Stages Music Take Over

The virtual stage known as VEN-UE is taking over the music industry one indie band at a time with its competitive promotional platform.

Los Angeles, CA, August 03, 2017 --( The virtual stage is a promotional platform changing how music is experienced. Indie artists who are signing up to VEN-UE are rioting for their play power back by setting up interactions and online performances that aren’t freebie social media shares. VEN-UE is an easy and free online venue for bands and musicians who are looking to create musical experiences that generate revenue, grow fans, and push brand visibility.

“Musicians are giving away content on so many social media channels right now it absolutely drives me crazy. How many people are viewing and sharing but not paying. Artists must change their thinking and understand that their content has value. VEN-UE brings the control back to where it belongs – the artists. Our musicians are interested in being paid to play, not paying to play,” said Craig Price of VEN-UE.

VEN-UE soft launched in June to a very receptive global audience especially from Latin artists in Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands and Mexico. Our culture is so vastly hooked on being internet famous that artists have lost sight of the power in their content that generates real dollars and real exposure. VEN-UE blends the virtual element with the traditional music industry business model,” finished Craig.

VEN-UE is also a great space for fans to view live or “VOD (Video On-Demand)” musical performances from any tablet or computer. It’s free and simple to set up and the VEN-UE’s support team is able to provide concierge assistance for all musicians new to the site.

VEN-UE is offering complimentary media accounts for qualified members of the press to try the service as a fan. Interviews with VEN-UE’s Executive Team are available, as are press calls with currently signed up artists thriving with the VEN-UE platform.

Craig Price –
Helene Vece