American Medical & Dental Center to Use CAD/CAM Technology

American Medical & Dental Center has been known for providing the finest dental care in Dubai. They have started in 2006 and continue to grow. One of their advantages is that they know how to embrace innovation. This 2017, this dental clinic in Dubai announces that they are going to integrate CAD/CAM technology to improve the creation and design of dental restorations.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 04, 2017 --( The CAD/CAM Technology in Dentistry

The CAD/CAM is the acronym for computer-aided design or computer-aided manufacturing. This was used in the production of precision tools, especially in the field of automobile. However, its potential has extended to healthcare and dentistry. And for over 20 years, it has been increasingly used in the field.

Dental CAD/CAM technology allows dental laboratories and practices and their dentists and staff to design dental restorations on a computer screen. The technology then displays a 3D image of the teeth by capturing the preparation digitally through an optical scanner.

With the technology, it will take lesser time for a dentist, laboratory technician, or in-office restoration designer to draw and design final restoration. Complex cases and treatments become easier to handle.

After the restoration is designed, it will be milled from a block of ceramic using a milling chamber. Thus, it can be customized with glazes and stains to make a more natural look. Finally, it will be finished and polished.

As the materials for CAD/CAM dentistry improves over the years, so as the restorations patients get. Research finds that restorations milled by the technology are stronger and less likely to break.

AMDC’s Technological Integration
As part of their aim to provide better service, AMDC integrates the latest innovations in their practices. Dubai dentists under them will now start to use CAD/CAM technology which they’ve recognized as a highly competent dental laboratory technology. They will use it mainly with dental prostheses namely crowns, crown lays, inlays, onlays, veneers, fixed bridges, dental implant restoration, orthodontic appliances, and dental implants.

The best dental clinic in Dubai knows that a lot of patients will prefer same day dentistry, which is only possible if they have the CAD/CAM technology in the office. In other words, with the technology, a dentist in Dubai will be able to give a faster, cheaper, and more precise treatment.

CAD/CAM Dentistry in Dubai
The technology is not new in Dubai. In fact, last May 2017, the 12th International Conference for CAD/CAM and Digital Dentistry has been held in the country. It was headed by Dr. MunirSilwadi, who was also a representative from the UAE.

Aside from the international conference, there are other efforts headed by the government and DHA to improve the healthcare system of the country, including dentistry. Thus, residents and medical tourists will not find it hard to find a top dentist in Dubai that offers modern dental services.

Final Thoughts
Dubai Healthcare City has always been known for its goal to improve services through the use of technology. AMDC’s move to use the CAD/CAM technology is a perfect example of where country’s health care efforts are going.
American Medical & Dental Center
Paul Smith