AIMCTS Celebrates the Introduction of Cyber Tools & Solutions

Innovative Portal Provides Businesses and Families with Comprehensive Cyber Protection

Philadelphia, PA, August 04, 2017 --( Today, AIMCTS (Aurora Information Management Cyber Tools), a technology partnership focused on Cyber Tools & Solutions, released the responsive portal. The firm’s mission is to help protect Business reputation and sensitive data from today’s cyber threats, accomplishing this through the use of proprietary tools and partnering with leading cyber prevention firms including CloudVaultHealth and domainSkate. The result is industry leading tools and solutions that identify sensitive data on your network within 48 hours and attempts to compromise your business identity.

Cyber Sensitive Data Monitor, CSDM, protects your sensitive data on business and home networks from cyber-attack. CSDM is a patented SaaS based service (powered by CloudVaultHealth) for both commercial and personal use that discovers, manages and protects sensitive personal information where it is most vulnerable, on the endpoints and when it leaves the network. Simply, CSDM identifies sensitive information wherever it may reside on your business or home network, then allows for potential remediation working with Aurora Information Management (AIM). CSDM revolutionizes cyber protection for businesses and families alike.

Cyber Brand and Reputation Manager, CBRM, protects your brand and reputation in an environment of increasing cyber threat. CBRM (powered by domainSkate) makes domain name monitoring easier and more cost-efficient than ever. With CBRM's automated software solution you can protect your company, your partners, and your clients from the misuse of company and brand identities and personal identity fraud by quickly identifying and classifying potential threats before bad actors divert web traffic, steal revenue, and damage brand and personal reputations.

AIMCTS (along with AIM), was founded to provide powerful and proprietary software tools and solutions to protect our commercial and retail clients from ever-increasing cyber threats. Through our proprietary tools and those of our partners we offer unique cyber software and solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

About AIMCTS: AIMCTS is a technology services company based in Mendenhall, PA. It is a joint venture between Global Institutional Solutions, Aurora Information Management, CloudVaultHealth and domainSkate. The partnership brings together decades of Cyber technology and industry specific experience for AIMCTS to provide simple and intuitive Cyber protection solutions to the complex challenges of today’s current digital threats.
AIMCTS (Aurora Information Management Cyber Tools)
Keith Redmore