New Company Established to Take Over PLEN Cube Project

Osaka, Japan, August 05, 2017 --( PLEN Project Inc. and GoerTek have reached an agreement to terminate the joint venture of PLENGoer Robotics Inc. The development of the PLENCube including the crowd funding campaign with all the data, rights, and assets obtained in the last 17 months by PLENGoer Robotics will be taken over by the newly established and independent company, PLEN Robotics.

Natsuo Akazawa, CEO at PLEN Robotics, says, “We are devoted to continuing the development and production of the PLEN Cube at PLEN Robotics until the end. Thank you all for your continued support.”

PLEN Robotics Inc.
Location:4-6-3-303, Toyosaki Kitaku Osaka city, Osaka, Japan
Founder:Natsuo Akazawa(CEO), Atsuhiko Tomita(COO), PLEN Project Inc.
Main Business:
1) Development, production, and sales of service robots.
2) Development, production, and sales of the parts of robots.

About PLEN Cube
PLEN Cube is a portable robot that can consolidate your devices and favorite web services, capture moments with a smart camera that tracks your face and motions, and complement your life with hands-free voice activation and customization options.

Natsuo Akazawa, CEO at PLEN Robotics, explains, “Think of PLEN Cube as your right-hand man (in robot form). We’ve packed a lot into this playful 3-inch powerhouse: a powerful processor, Full-HD camera, display, microphone array and speakers along with cutting-edge software in facial recognition, speech recognition, and more.”

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PLEN Robotics
Atsuhiko Tomita