Insequence Featured in "Across the Pond" for Their Success in the UK Alongside Other Qualifying Businesses

Insequence, a software solutions provider for manufacturers and suppliers, appeared in “Across the Pond – American Trade and Investment Success Stories in the UK” last month. The publication featured success stories of American companies, like Insequence, “who have made the jump to the UK.”

Smyrna, TN, August 05, 2017 --( Insequence, a software solutions provider for manufactures and suppliers, appeared in “Across the Pond – American Trade and Investment Success Stories in the UK” last month. This latest publication, the result of a partnership between BritishAmerican Business and the UK Embassy in Washington, D.C., features success stories of American companies “who have made the jump to the UK.” Other companies featured alongside Insequence included Boeing, Citi, 3M, United, the NFL, Zebra, and IBM.

Since 2004, Insequence has extended their global business to include clients in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Insequence continued this extension by entering the European market in 2014 with an installation of their software, SPD Pro, in the UK. By the next year, Insequence had opened up their European offices in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, marking a new era of business. With their presence firmly established in Europe, Insequence has grown to support multiple facilities throughout Germany, Poland, and the UK.

As Insequence expands, so does the demand on their software’s capability. Giving SPD Pro the chance to grow with the company. Just recently, SPD Pro version 8.0 was released adding more functionality to the already flexible software. This continuous development combined with years of experience has put Insequence at the forefront of their field.

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Insequence Corporation
Insequence is a leading provider of sequencing, manufacturing, and logistic software solutions. Easily tailored to individual facilities, their software’s modular design can fulfill requirements no matter the size or complexity of the system; coordinating a smooth stream of events from the moment demand is received until the final materials are shipped. This design makes Insequence's standard sequencing system, SPD Pro, more complete and capable than any other solution. In addition to Just In Sequence (JIS) solutions, Insequence provides out-of-the-box MES, Inventory and SCADA solutions. Founded in 1995, Insequence’s SPD Pro system has remained on the cutting edge of sequencing technology and serves customers globally.
Rachel C. Apsey