Legal Technology Startup Launches Free, Made-in-Canada Family Law Calculator

Legal technology startup launches free, made-in-Canada family law calculator.

Vancouver, Canada, August 05, 2017 --(, a legal technology startup, announced today the launch of its free child and spousal support calculator. The web app, developed and hosted entirely within Canada, gives Canadians the ability to perform all parts of essential legal calculations completely free of charge. While the calculator has all the features a lawyer would require when running these complicated calculations, it is simple enough for anyone to use.’s founder Mathais Sarrazin previously practiced as a family lawyer and is familiar with the difficulties and costs associated with performing support calculations for use in divorce, separation, or child custody proceedings. “Our website is a major step forward for access to justice,” he stated, noting that prior to’s launch, the only options for support calculations were to pay for a full-featured, complete calculations or use free but limited services providing partial calculations. “By providing a comprehensive, professional-grade application to the public free of charge, we’re making it easier for people who can’t afford a lawyer, and cheaper for those who can, by eliminating the need for costly disbursements to perform these calculations. We’re excited to offer a service that will help drive down the cost of legal fees for Canadian families.”

In addition to expanding access to justice, the calculator also provides complete transparency through the use of an industry-leading reporting system that details the process followed in performing the calculations. “By providing a detailed explanation of the calculation process, our calculator allows users and the courts to assess the accuracy of the results and their fidelity to the law and guidelines that apply to these calculations,” Sarrazin stated. “In our view, that’s something that’s been missing from the market.” will also be providing detailed tutorials on how to use their products on their blog. They have already posted guides on how to calculate child support in Ontario, Alberta, and BC.

About is a legal technology startup based in Vancouver, BC. Founded in 2017,’s first product is a web application for calculating child and spousal support in Canada.
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