Maxlider Brothers Customs Featured in National eBay Ad Campaign, eBay Motors Blog

Classic car and Ford Bronco restoration shop and builder Maxlider Brothers Customs was recently featured in a national eBay ad campaign.

Bloomington, IL, August 05, 2017 --( Maxlider Brothers Customs, a Bloomington, Illinois based shop specializing in the building, restoration, and customization of hot rods and vintage classic vehicles, known for their work with first-generation Ford Broncos, has been featured in the national eBay “Fill Your Cart with Color” ad campaign.

The 60-second “Fill Your Cart with Color” commercial highlights the most colorful eBay sellers and companies that buy and sell on eBay. The commercial was released in early June and was seen by millions during the 2017 NBA Finals. The successful ad has captivated viewers and brought attention to the companies featured in the ad.

“This is how these real enthusiasts from different parts of our country — who are featured in our new TV ad — are bringing color to the world in their own ways,” says Hal Lawton, eBay Senior Vice President of eBay North America in a blog post about the ad. “Championing this individuality is at the heart of our new brand platform, “Fill Your Cart With Color.” It’s all about bringing color into our lives.”

Thirty-four seconds into the commercial, Co-Founder and CEO Erik Maxlider is seen yelling with excitement into the camera as two members of his team peel out behind him in a modified 1969 Ford Bronco. It’s a clip that has excited and resonated with viewers. Since the commercial first aired, Erik Maxlider states that “at least three times a day on the Maxlider Facebook or Instagram accounts and through emails and calls, we hear about someone seeing us on the ad.”

Maxlider welcomes the added attention to what they’re doing and how they are doing it. “It’s truly an honor and a blessing to have someone interested in what you do and see how passionate you are about doing it,” says Maxlider. Founded in 2013, Maxlider Brothers Customs has become the go-to for classic car restoration and Ford Broncos in the Midwest. They have built a fun and loud reputation on social media and have drawn interest to their work in creative ways, including by building a custom 4-door Ford Bronco that can be seen October 31 – November 3 at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For Erik, the work his team does at Maxlider goes far beyond repairing and restoring classic cars. “Our purpose is to help people create memories with their families that last a lifetime, and we just happen to love what we’re doing at the same time.”

In late July, Maxlider was also featured in the popular eBay Motors Blog. The article, Maxlider Brothers Customs: A Business Built on Passion for Ford Broncos, covers the Maxlider brothers’ journey over the past four years, which has included moving more than 300 vehicles through their popular shop. Erik explains that after doubling his money on buying, repairing, and selling a car at the age of 16, he kept doing it, and it eventually turned into a business.

Follow the colorful work of the Maxlider Brothers Customs team by visiting their website here at, and by following them on Facebook and Instagram.
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