Scottsdale Arizona Firm Launches New Mobile Technology

New company combines geo-fencing technology, social WiFi, 1st party data to create extremely targeted marketing potential for businesses.

Scottsdale, AZ, August 08, 2017 --( Better Ad Network, a Scottsdale agency, has invented a technology they call GEO4WiFi which combines physical spaces geo-data with first party social data. This proven technology helps business owners monetize existing guest wifi as well as provides new mobile advertising inventory throughout the United States.

As major U.S. companies search for clean data and the ability to target the right customers through mobile it has become more important than ever to offer a lean and transparent process for optimizing mobile advertising.

Here’s how Geo4WiFi works.
· A consumer’s smartphone ID is picked up through an invisible geo-fence
· Once the ID is captured that device can be seen at potentially millions physical space geo-fences throughout the country
· Once the device logs into any one of thousands public guest wifi locations throughout the country – Better Ad Network‘s proprietary system marries smart phone physical spaces data with 1st party data the consumer uses to log into free public guest wifi
· BAN then sends engaging targeted messages via email, text, in browser or in app
· Once the consumer leaves the public wifi locations Better Ad Network has an automated remarketing and retargeting platform that speaks to the consumer in a personal and meaningful way.

BAN's programmatic mobile advertising portal provides unique and targeted private advertising network. With this scalable solution small businesses and large ad agencies are all able to take advantage of this mobile inventory. Better Ad Network’s average client receives a 200-400% CTR. Stacy Deprey-Purper, Better Ad Network’s CEO believes that “This success comes from the ability to speak to potential customers in a personal and meaningful way.”

Geo4WiFi is the patent-pending, mobile advertising technology from Better Ad Network. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the company delivers the most targeted and immediate marketing and advertising solutions for businesses to connect with engage with their customers on a deeper level, collect data and monetize WiFi through mobile. For more information, visit or or call (844) 943-4237.

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