EPRN and Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC Demonstrate Smooth Navigation Through the Podcasting Industry

Charlotte, NC, August 07, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Podcasting is a new art form of beneficial communication strategies that band communities of individuals together. The Exquisite Podcast Radio Network has grown considerably over the course of the past five months. The podcasting network continues to crunch numbers behind the scenes and is continuously modifying their methods that will develop mass and social broadcasting professionals for the NOW generation.

For podcasters that just have a hankering to dive into the world of podcasting it quickly becomes quite evident to them that a few sales techniques need to be acquired. The same is necessary for individuals that currently run their own programs and broadcast their programs on any of the major or independent podcasting platforms. 90% of all podcasters are certainly given the tools and technology to succeed, but they lack direction and cannot achieve critical revenue performance results.

Business and podcasting is still a relatively new concept that can make every player of the business model money. EPRN has proved through collective economics and strategic marketing practices that the podcasting model makes money. The network is run primarily by 20 individuals that produce their own structured content to niche listening audiences. EPRN helps along the way by providing a corporate partnership with their podcasters. EPRN assists their podcasting hosts with production if necessary, marketing, distribution, and revenue generation opportunities.

Acquiring podcasting sponsors traditionally has been the obstacle that most podcasters can't seem to get past. Podcasters are passionate about the messages that they are conveying on their programs, but they somehow always fail to connect business with the money making service that they providing. EPRN walks individuals through a continuous journey of providing communities with successful podcast radio programs. The voices of the radio personalities of EPRN show no signs of slacking up either. The network has managed to produce over 200 original programs. Listeners visit EPRN.us about 12 times per week to hear Exuisite Podcast Radio Network shows, and virtually meet the EPRN hosts. At EPRN.us listeners may also engage with show hosts and other network participants in real time and on demand.

Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC and EPRN are making preparations to close out their first 6 month round of campaigns. They will continue to deliver the NOW Generation news and community services via their podcast hosts.
Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC
Garland L. McLaughlin, CEO
Exquisite Podcast Radio Network