TVS Television Network Returns to Pro Wrestling as Mojo McQueen Wins the IWA World Championship at The Dome in Bakersfield

The TVS Television Network, which began the first nationally televised wrestling series in 1975 when they founded the IWA, has returned to the sport by presenting GALLI Lucha in an action packed TV event.

Bakersfield, CA, August 08, 2017 --( Mojo McQueen defeated Funny Bone to capture the IWA Wrestling World Championship at The Dome in Bakersfield, CA on August 3rd. The bout was so intense that an "instant rematch" was ordered by the IWA Commissioner Cosmeaux Godfrey. McQueen also won that bout.

Also captured by the TVS Television Network cameras was a victory by Pentagono Jr. vs. Payasos vs. Galactic Kid in a three way tag team match.

Heavily favored Mason Conrad was upset by Sledge “The Metal Head Maniac” when a horrific body slam rendered Conrad unable to perform further.

The Jackpot / Scotty Wringer / Kid Dragon / The Warrior Princess Sarena tag team shocked the Punos De Roca Jr. / Necrosis / Mulara tag team in a wild, out of the ring disqualification.

Ojo Blanco, Traidor, and Skayde Jr. completed the event with a dynamic tag team tussle that saw them defeat Eros, Bada Bro, and Furia Roja.

Mojo McQueen succeeds the original IWA World Champion Mil Mascaras, who gained the title in 1975. Mascaras continues to reign as the IWA World Champion Emeritus.

TVS heads to Chicago in September to follow the GALLI Lucha wrestlers in further TV action.

TVS Television Network presents IWA Wrestling on broadcast, cable, and digital platforms as well as on DVD. IWA Classic Wrestling, the original series, is also distributed by TVS.

About TVS: The TVS Television Network was founded in 1960, and has televised thousands of major sporting events nationally. College Basketball, major college bowls games, IWA Wrestling, WFL Football, NASCAR, NASL Soccer, LPBT and PBA Bowling, LPGA and PGA Golf, Grand Prix Racing, AIAW Championships, Alan King Tennis from Caesars Palace, Championship Boxing, the National Collegiate Boxing Tournament, the National College Rodeo Championship, and the National Collegiate Bowling Tournament are among the TVS classic telecasts. Currently, TVS televises 250 sports events yearly. TVS is located in the greater Hollywood area, as well as in Las Vegas, and at the TVS TV Ranch in Cantil, CA.
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