Sachiko Tiana’s First Single Tackles a Serious Challenge Most People Face

Singer and songwriter seeks to inspire people and deliver hope with her music.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, August 09, 2017 --( In a world full of commercially-driven, often mindless and even irreverent music, it takes courage to come out of the gate with a song that makes you think and gives you hope. But such is the case with “Fall Again,” the soulful premier single from independent artist and songwriter, Sachiko (Saw-She-Ko) Tiana. In her words, “The song is all about vices, how they affect people and how they can learn and grow out of them.”

Tiana is committed to using her music and her talents to inspire people and help them find the courage to face challenges, overcome seemingly impossible situations and never stop dreaming. "Growing up as a child in a dysfunctional home was tough,” she explains. “My parents were always breaking up and coming back together. On top of that, they were dealing with being addicted to drugs, which ultimately claimed both of their lives before I was even a teenager. Music was the only outlet for me at the time, so it’s no surprise it has become an integral part of my evolution. This song is for people who feel stuck in situations that have limited their power - a reminder that they can truly overcome anything."

As a small business owner already, Tiana’s plan is to remain an independent artist to maintain control of her music and career. “This has been my dream since childhood.” So even though she contracted Bell's Palsy in November 2016, a condition that affects the nerves in her face, she is determined not to give up on that dream. “I've been given the gift of musical expression,” she explains. “My passion is to use it to provide my fans with purpose, hope, and real value.”

"Fall Again" will be released August 11, 2017 on Spotify, iTunes and most other popular platforms. Tiana’s inspiring music and more information about her are available on her website at
Sachiko Tiana
(949) 329-5255