Book Release- Michigan Writer, S. Thomas Kaza’s Fifth Book, Into the Wildwood, Will be Released August 21

They have no choice but to venture into the dark and mysterious Wildwood to recover what was taken from them or never return home again…..

Detroit, MI, August 10, 2017 --( When brothers, Will and Ken, decide to visit the Secret Garden again, they have no idea they are about to embark on an adventure that will challenge their strength, their wits, and their bond of brotherhood. But they must journey into the dark and dangerous Wildwood to face the terrible power that lies at its heart. Or else never return home.

S. Thomas Kaza's fifth book, Into the Wildwood, is his second book in an ongoing series about two brothers who discover a fantastic world of magic, strange creatures, and deep friendship. One of the brothers, Will, becomes a wizard for the mysterious Lady of the land, who assigns him to protect the Secret Garden. Middle grade readers and readers of all ages will enjoy this story of adventure, danger, and hope.

Into the Wildwood can be found at major online e-book retailers.

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S. Thomas Kaza