American Legion Alexander Hamilton Post 448 Issues Response to President Trump’s Ban on Transgendered Service Members

The recent announcement of President Trump’s decision to ban transgendered Americans to serve in the U. S. Armed forces has united the entire Post of LGBTQ veterans and Post 448 is issuing the following statement.

San Francisco, CA, August 09, 2017 --( "President Trump today has chosen to take a giant step back in the right for all to serve in the Armed Forces. Once again, the president has carelessly and with no concern but for his own will made a decision with no merit that will not only harm the U. S. military, but also it will take LGBTQ service members back to the days of hiding one’s identity, discrimination, witch hunts, and cause many Americans to be put out of the Military, denying them the benefits they deserve after deployment, combat missions, and serving this Country honorably. The Alexander Hamilton Post 448 members are not only outraged, but also are positioning themselves to fight this policy.

" Transgendered U. S. service members in the San Francisco Bay area or elsewhere who feel that they are targeted by their chain of command, post 448 strongly advise them to contact the ACLU, Lambda Legal Defense, or this Post.

"LGBTQ veterans want it to be heard loud and clear, President Trump is no friend of the LGBTQ community."

American Legion Alexander Hamilton Post 448
Alexander Hamilton Post 448 American Legion
Jason Skerik