Global Healthcare Accreditation Accelerates Expansion Into Europe

Partnership with Dr. Joey Rajiullah Khan Signals Global Demand for Medical Travel Standards.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL, August 14, 2017 --( Reflecting the growing demand for medical travel standards in the region, the Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) program recently partnered with Dr. Joey Rajiullah Khan, director of Kenézy Hospital MedHotel, to open a new regional office in Debrecen, Hungary. The office will provide a base for GHA to serve clients in Hungary and Eastern Europe. A specialist in internal medicine, Dr. Khan has worked for over a decade with European governments and the private sector to build a sustainable medical travel market supported by high-quality medical services.

As global leaders in medical travel accreditation, GHA’s innovative program focuses specifically on an organization's entire Medical Travel Care Continuum, encompassing the entire pathway of medical travel; including medical, hospitality, and patient experience. Prompted by the need to bring professional norms and internationally accepted standards to medical travel, as well as the growing public awareness and expectations for quality and patient centered healthcare services, GHA is applicable to hospitals and ambulatory organizations worldwide. As an ISQua member, GHA is leading the charge to focus on the patient experience for the medical travel patient. Additionally, GHA seeks to improve not only patient outcomes, but also the business performance of organizations.

As head of GHA’s regional office in Eastern Europe, Dr. Khan will help recruit and train hospitals and clinics on GHA standards, which are categorized under fifteen (15) core competencies in 3 major focus areas, including:

• Patient-focused Clinical Processes
• The Patient Experience, and
• Sustainable Business Processes

By focusing on facilitating optimal management of the overall experience for a medical traveler, GHA’s accreditation standards, the first specifically focused on medical travel patients, will validate a provider’s provision of consistent, ethical, safe and transparent management practices, and go beyond the care delivered in the healthcare facility across the entire Medical Travel Care Continuum. The standards cover all major touch points in regards to the healthcare patient process and the hospitality guest process of the Medical Travel Care Continuum. These include; the initial point of inquiry for the patient’s service and destination, the patient’s arrival at the destination, their stay at a hospitality site for pre-admission testing and evaluation, their admission and discharge from the organization, their stay at the hospitality site for recuperation, the level of aftercare prior to travel back home, and the ongoing communication after travel back home, including any follow up service provided.

“Europe is emerging as a global hub for medical travel, exemplified by the varied scope and breadth of treatments offered throughout the region,” stated Karen Timmons, CEO of Global Healthcare Accreditation. “GHA is excited about our partnership with Dr. Khan, whose knowledge of the healthcare environment in the Eastern European market will be of great value to GHA as it seeks to expand into this region.”

Dr. Khan stated, “My extensive work done in Eastern Europe and my relationships with key stakeholders made it a logical decision to partner with GHA in order to help further its global mission to improve the standards and quality of care provided to medical travelers both in and outside the clinical setting. I am a firm believer that the implementation of GHA’s standards and their continuous supervision is of utmost importance for the benefit of healthcare providers and healthcare seekers alike.”

The Global Healthcare Accreditation Program is a premier healthcare quality and business solution for the global medical travel and medical tourism industries. The GHA program evaluates compliance towards competencies that ensure a healthcare organization is not only monitoring its overall performance in the services provided to medical travel, medical tourism, or international patients, but that the entire Medical Travel Care Continuum is streamlined to ensure an overall positive experience for patients.

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