Announcing the Limited Run Games Collection at Digital Game Museum

Digital Game Museum to preserve Limited Run Games releases as part of a new special collection at the museum.

Santa Clara, CA, August 15, 2017 --( The Digital Game Museum and Limited Run Games are proud to announce a collaboration to conserve every Limited Run Games release as part of a special collection at the Digital Game Museum.

Limited Run Games specializes in publishing physical versions of digital-only independent game releases. While these games are widely available digitally, the physical editions often contain custom or unique artwork, manuals, and treatments which are highly collectable. Due to the low production numbers of these releases they often sell out quickly and are hard for the average gamer to find after initial sales are completed. By archiving and digitizing the assets associated with these unique games, the Digital Game Museum is able to preserve copies of these titles as well as provide access to the unique contents of each release to the public.

“As the game industry moves to digital distribution, it has become more important for us to preserve physical artifacts whenever possible,” said Digital Game Museum Director Dave Beaudoin. “As gamers and archivists we’re dedicated to preserving and sharing the unique experience provided by Limited Run Games for the worldwide gaming community.”

The inaugural collection of titles includes artifacts from the first 51 Limited Run Games releases as well as some unique Limited Run Games memorabilia. Games include PC, PS4, and PS Vita titles and custom promotional cards, as well as the distinct Limited Run Games sticker which shipped with each title.

“The care taken in developing the physical release for these titles is amazing,” said Dave Beaudoin. ”For games like Xeodrifter, the included manual is a great throwback to the game manuals of the 8 and 16-bit era. The artwork and writing is something you won’t find anywhere else in the modern publishing industry. It really sets Limited Run Games releases apart.”

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