Now Kids Can Write and Fidget at the Same Time - Introducing the Fidget Pen from Widget Writer

Teachers across American are getting ready for the next classroom battle. Trying to keep the new Widget Writer Fidget Pen from being the next schoolroom craze. This new fidget pen was created to improve upon the popular fidget cube and make it more user friendly. By building all the functions of a fidget cube into an ergonomic, colorful, high quality pen, kids and adults will now be able to fidget and write at the same time.

Clearwater, FL, August 13, 2017 --( Just when teachers thought it was safe to go back to the classroom, a Florida company has announced the release of a new toy that threatens to disrupt classes on a whole new scale.

The Widget Writer Fidget Pen is a refillable pen that is loaded with seven calming functions that, until now, could only be found in the fidget cube. The fidget cube was banned in many schools for disrupting classrooms with an endless cacophony of clicking, flipping and spinning sounds.

According to Widget Writer co-creator Frank Makan, "We solved the problem of the fidget cube. Now students can write and fidget quietly at the same time. We loaded our fidget pen with seven calming functions that will allow kids to focus more and ultimately get better grades."

The Widget Writer Pen creators surveyed individuals who have autism and/or learning disorders. These were the people they went to, to see if this was even an idea they would like. The answer was a resounding "Yes." Individuals who suffer from ADD, ADHD and/or autism sometimes need help channeling their focus in a useful and productive way. The company believes their Widget Writer Fidget Pen will help them. The pen is refillable and easy to hold and can benefit all ages. Students with special needs, stressed out office workers, literally anyone that finds certain situations challenging could also find the pen incredibly advantageous.

Fidget toys, cubes, rollers and spinners help people of all ages and abilities to concentrate, and therefore perform better. Whether in a school or office environment, at home, or waiting in line, many people like to have a diversion for their fingers and this can help relieve stress or anxiety. Makan states, "It is widely recognized that children and adults with special needs benefit from fidget toys since they find them to be both soothing and reassuring. The Widget Writer Fidget Pen has the functionality of a pen mixed with all the features of a fidget toy."

Those interested can find out more on the company's website:
Green Straw, LLC
Frank Makan