15 Year Old Sailor Writes Weather Forecasting Guide

Guildford, United Kingdom, August 17, 2017 --(PR.com)-- 15-year-old British Youth Sailing Team sailor Oliver Perkins from Guildford has just written his first book entitled "The Message of the Clouds." Oliver has set out to educate more people about how they can easily use the clouds to forecast the weather themselves. The Message of the Clouds will be released globally on August 18th as a paperback and an eBook.

Oliver is a freelance journalist and writes for Yachting Monthly and Practical Boat Owner magazines as well as for his blog. He has been sailing since he was born and has been fascinated by the weather for almost 10 years. Oliver sails his Laser 4.7 for the British team.

For thousands of years people have been using the clouds to forecast the weather, but with recent advances in technology people have been ignoring the weather forecasting methods of the past. However, these methods can be more accurate than official forecasts. Yachting Life Magazine told Oliver, "We found that a bit of cloud consideration and analysis was more accurate than an iPhone weather app prediction."

Oliver's book teaches anyone how they can forecast the weather themselves, armed with nothing more than his book and their own eyes. Oliver's book gives the reader some background information about how the weather works, so that the reader may understand their predictions. It then gives details about what weather each cloud formation indicates. His book also informs the reader about coastal and mountain weather, waves and weather folklore that is still relevant today. In addition, his book is packed full of colour photos to further aid cloud identification.

"This book is well-researched and the reader is offered practical information in an easy to assimilate form," stated Professor Chris Collier, ex-president of the Royal Meteorological Society, who fact checked the book for Oliver.

The Message of the Clouds is packed with over 70 colour photos. Tom Cunliffe, the highly-respected sailing author and Yachtmaster instructor examiner said, "It is so good that even my Yachtmaster instructor candidates would do well to read it."

To find out more about, or to purchase Oliver's book visit http://oliverperkins.com/the-message-of-the-clouds-book/. His book will be available as a paperback for £8.99 or an eBook for £4.99.

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