National News Anchor Releases Song and Video Call to Action; We Can Make America Great Again - But Not If We Remain Chained to Shackles of Racism

News Anchor Kelly Wright is calling America together with his new song.

Washington, DC, August 18, 2017 --( Normally Kelly Wright is asking other people their thoughts about the issues of the day. As a national anchor for one of the nation's biggest news networks, Wright has interviewed some of the biggest newsmakers of modern times, but this time, he has something to say...and with his surprise new music release, he is saying it in an inspiring - and truly moving - song.

Iconic moving and still images of the best of our America - today and yesterday - complement Wright's powerful voice in a message that is impossible to miss: Yes...we Can make America great again...but, as Kelly says, "we cannot achieve greatness if we are chained to shackles of racism."

"My hope is this video and song will serve as a seed of healing and reconciliation for our nation." He goes on to say, "God will not Bless our nation if we continue to sow seeds of discord and injustice anywhere. Now is the time for us to turn our weapons of hate into instruments of peace and love. We must spread this spirit of unity everywhere, in our homes, in our places of worship, on our jobs, in our social gatherings--everywhere."

He asks that Americans look into our hearts and think of the future.

"Let us pray for healing, seek reconciliation and find transformation through the renewing of our minds and hearts. It's important for us to realize that the greatness of our nation begins in the homes of our people. Therefore, when you're at home, pray and talk to your children and your family about the greatest gifts we have; the freedom of loving God and loving our neighbors as we love ourselves." Let's stand united, one nation undivided. Let's be great again!"

For those who care about the United States of America and all of its people...this is a true call to action.

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