Preseem Network Telemetry Platform for WISPs Now Integrated with Sonar Billing & OSS software

This API integration enables Preseem’s Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) customers to automatically learn network topology from the new Sonar Pulse module and get actionable QoE insights across sectors, towers, and IP addresses.

Waterloo, Canada, August 19, 2017 --( In an important development in the world of networking solutions for the fixed wireless industry, Ontario-based Aterlo Networks today announced that Preseem, its network telemetry platform for WISPs, is now integrated with the recently launched Pulse module of Sonar ISP billing & OSS software. Since its launch, an ever growing number of WISPs leverage Preseem’s network telemetry innovation to monitor & optimize Quality of Experience (QoE) across wireless networks, down to individual towers, sectors and IP addresses.

Sonar offers a comprehensive billing and OSS solution, currently being used by hundreds of ISPs worldwide. The company recently released version 1.4 with a host of new features including Pulse that allows automatic deduction of network topology associated with network elements managed by Sonar. With this API integration between Preseem and Sonar Pulse, WISPs can get detailed subscriber QoE information without the need to duplicate any network or subscriber configuration.

“This API integration with Sonar is a step forward in our vision to offer cutting-edge networking solutions to WISPs and I thank Simon and our WISP customers using Sonar who worked with us to integrate Pulse topology information,” said Gerrit Nagelhout, CEO, Aterlo Networks. The API integration has already been deployed at several shared Preseem and Sonar customers.

“The Preseem Sonar integration allowed me to get latency, packet loss and bandwidth insights across the access points in my network in a flash! This allowed me to immediately find and fix several QoE issues,” said Owen Gingerich, owner of Jamesport, Missouri-based WISP, Jump Wireless. Simon Westlake, CEO of Sonar believes that the number of WISPs using Sonar for billing & OSS and Preseem for QoE monitoring will continue to grow given the increasingly competitive ISP landscape. “With established players like AT&T and Verizon now entering the fixed wireless space, WISPs need to leverage innovative software technologies to maintain & grow their subscriber base,” he said.

In addition to the company’s API partnership with Sonar, Preseem empowers WISPs to monitor & optimize their subscriber’s quality of experience, reduce subscriber churn, reduce network costs and improve profitability. Preseem comes with a free 30-day trial and affordable monthly plans starting at $100.
Aterlo Networks Inc.
Harneet Singh