Phidgets Inc. Releases New Motor Controllers and More

A new bipolar stepper controller, DC motor controller, and programmable power supply protector among new Phidgets products.

Calgary, Canada, August 20, 2017 --( Following June’s unveiling of the new Phidget product line, the next wave of products are now hitting the shelf. This time it’s eight new products, including a bipolar stepper driver, a dc motor controller, a programmable power supply protector, a pair of capacitive touchpads, an analog input module, and an RTD adapter.

Each of the new Phidgets are controlled via the new VINT protocol, fitting into Phidgets’ new philosophy of modularity and customizability. The STC1000 is a bipolar stepper controller with separate current control for running and holding currents and an API that makes it easy to control the motor’s position or just run it one direction like a DC motor. The DCC1000 is a DC motor controller that comes equipped with a heatsink and fan, as well as an encoder and voltage ratio input for motors with position feedback capabilities. Both motor controllers come with their own aluminum enclosures to protect their undersides. The HIN1000 and HIN1001 are capacitive touch sensors with multiple touch regions that give your users an easy means of interacting with your system, while the SAF1000 and SAF2000 both provide Phidgets users with options for protecting power supplies in systems where they can be damaged by back-EMF from electric motors. The DAQ1000 module expands a VINT hub to have eight additional analog ports for reading sensors, and the TMP1200 is an adapter for platinum RTDs.

The addition of these devices has expanded the breadth of the Phidgets VINT product line, with more products planned for later in 2017.
Phidgets Inc.
Michael Paradis