Light Of The Moon Publishing Announces Release Of G.W. Mullins Hardback Book "Walking With Spirits Vol. 6 Native American Myths, Legends, And Folklore"

Best-Selling Author G.W. Mullins and Award-Winning Artist C.L. Hause return with a hardback release for the successful series “Walking With Spirits.” In this sixth volume, the stories are a mix of many different tribes and a present a vivid history of Native American history.

New York, NY, August 22, 2017 --( Contained in 260 pages, "Walking With Spirits Vol. 6 Native American Myths, Legends, And Folklore" offers many more wonderful and entertaining stories to add to extensive volumes 1 thru 5. This volume contains more than 60 tales from several tribal groups giving us an extensive mix of the Native American folklore heritage. Among these stories which feature a canvas of North America, comes tales of creation, sky gods, animals, tricksters, and supernatural creatures.

Among the stories included in this volume are: The Red Eagle and the Owl, The Bee and the Asya, The Two Blind Old Women, Coyote Proves Himself a Cannibal, The Emergence, The Fox and the Wildcat, Huruing Wuhti and the Sun, The Kokoshori Katcina & the Shongopavi Maiden, The Origin of Some Mishongnovi Clans, The Huron-Iroquois Nations, Iktomi and the Muskrat, The Tree-bound, The Enchanted Horse, Creation of Man, Coyote as a Hunter, Spider's Creation, The Story of the Lost Wife, Raven Becomes Voracious, The Theft of Light, California Big Trees, The Skin Shifting Old Woman, The Lizard-Hand, Origin of the Sierra Nevadas and Coast Range, The Foxes and the Sun, The Coyote and the Beetle, How the Summer Birds Came, The Foster Child of the Deer, The Coyote and the Locust, The Maiden of the Yellow Rocks, The Origins of the Totems and of Names, and many, many more.

For further information, on the writing visit G.W. Mullins' web site at For information on the art of C.L. Hause visit his web site at Books from the Walking With Spirits series are available on, Kobo, Google Book Store, and Barnes and Noble.

G.W. Mullins is an Author, Photographer, and Entrepreneur of Native American / Cherokee decent. He has been a published author for over 5 years. His writing has focused on the paranormal and Native American studies. Mullins has released several books on the history/stories/fables of the Native American Indians. Among his books are the extremely successful The Native American Story Book - Stories Of The American Indians For Children Volumes 1-5, The Native American Cookbook, and Walking With Spirits Native American Myths, Legends, And Folklore Volumes 1 Thru 6. He has released books one and two in his Sci/fi Fantasy Series From The Dead Of Night Series, including the Best-Selling titles - Daniel Is Waiting, and Daniel Returns. His most recent work includes the new series Rise Of The Snow Queen Book One The Polar Bear King and Messages from The Other Side (a nonfiction book about communication with the dead). For further information, on the writing, visit G.W. Mullins' web site at

C.L. Hause is an artist who possesses a Master Of Fine Arts degree. He was the winner of the 2013 Johnny Hart Memorial Award as well of several others awards. His work has always been inspired by nature, primitive and Native American design. For information on the art of C.L. Hause visit his web site at
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