The dJAX Data Management Platform, a Data Hub That Makes Ad Serving Easier

Launched by djaxadserver, dJAX DMP is a centralized platform that collect immense amount of data, analyse it and segment the data based on specific attributes. This valuable processed information can be used in a number ways for every ad serving needs.

Coimbatore, India, August 23, 2017 --( Data is always an asset in any of its forms. It’s also boundless as it keeps expanding and growing by the second. Unique solutions are sought after to compile and process the vast ocean of data. One such solution that provides customizable and tailor-made solutions for data management is the dJAX Data management platform.

The dJAX Data Management Platform can be integrated with the ad networks, ad exchanges, Demand side platforms (DSP) and Supply side platforms (SSP). With the dJAX DMP, marketers are able to analyse the data and arrive at a baseline profile of the audience they intend to target. Marketers also use the processed data to plan, strategize and automate their advertising. They can use the information to aid their cross platform advertising and make sure they get the most out of their campaigns.

Likewise the publishers enjoy data security and an increased CPM with dJAX DMP.

To know more about dJAX DMP visit the following website:
dJAX Adserver Technology Solutions
Arun Karthik