Independent Artists, Unusual Themes Take Center Stage in New Offbeat Line of Jigsaw Puzzles, Now Available on Kickstarter

Artists from the USA, France and Canada embrace nostalgic pastime with unconventional themes of naturalism, surrealism, mythology, Slavic folklore and the visual style of the retrowave music genre. Live on Kickstarter:

Ottawa, Canada, August 24, 2017 --( Bone Owl Puzzles raised over 50% of their funding goal in just 24 hours on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter last week for their artist-friendly line of 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles. Expertly made in the USA at North America’s top jigsaw puzzle factory, every 20” X 27” jigsaw puzzle features an original piece of artwork by one of their 5 contributing independent artists. Shipping is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.

The husband and wife team behind Bone Owl Puzzles, Allison and Jason Tanner, aim to help support the artistic community by providing a unique outlet to showcase the artist’s original creations. Each artist is commissioned directly for their time and effort to create original, never-before-seen designs. The artists receive substantial creative freedom to explore the various themes and styles they are passionate about while being provided with helpful visual considerations regarding what goes into making a jigsaw puzzle image fun to put together. The result is an artistic collaboration made in heaven.

"My husband and I have always loved jigsaw puzzles but finding modern and exciting designs was always a challenge," expressed Allison Tanner, Co-Founder, Bone Owl Puzzles. “When we started reaching out to these amazing artists to see if there was any interest in collaborating on original and offbeat illustrations for jigsaw puzzles, we quickly found out that many of their fans had already been asking for puzzle versions of their artwork for years now. Being able to give them that opportunity feels amazing.”

The feedback from the artists have been heartening. “They’ve been such a delight to work with and gave me complete freedom on this project, trusting my vision and providing creative encouragement, which has fostered something I feel is really, really special,” said Christina Mrozik, American Artist. “This was so much fun. Big thanks for the freedom,” said James White, Canadian Artist and founder of Signalnoise Studio. Other artists featured in the launch lineup include American Artists, Dan May and Rosemary Valero O’Connell, and French Artist, Ladislas Chachignot.

Bone Owl Puzzles has teamed up with shipping partners in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia to help bring the nostalgic pastime to a global audience. They hope that new generations of families and friends will get to enjoy taking a few moments out of their busy days to sit down around a puzzle to slow down, relax, and create some meaningful new memories while supporting the independent artists who made the experience possible.

Key Features of Bone Owl Puzzles:

- Independent artists commissioned directly for their work are given significant creative freedom to showcase their unique styles and talent
- Puzzle illustrations focus heavily on non-conventional themes, ideas and styles across a variety of artistic mediums
- Made in the USA at North America’s top jigsaw puzzle & game factory
- Pieces are cut from premium blue puzzle board, thicker than typical puzzle quality which makes for a better piece fit
- Images are printed with a linen-textured finish which provides a high-end look and feel
- Each puzzle uses a “random-cut” die cutting process which provides more interesting shapes and a better challenge than traditional puzzles
- Each puzzle is 1,000 pieces and measures roughly 20” x 27”

Bone Owl Puzzles is currently live on Kickstarter:

About Bone Owl Puzzles:

Started in early 2017 by husband and wife team Jason and Allison Tanner, Bone Owl Puzzles focuses on commissioning jaw-dropping illustrations from today's most talented independent artists and transforming them into premium quality jigsaw puzzles. Learn more at

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