With BMS, Personalized Geofencing Becomes Commonplace

Siebert Holding GmbH publishes BMS, a free geofencing solution for private and commercial use.

Dresden, Germany, August 27, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Geofencing is generally referred to as the automated triggering of an action when a geographical boundary is crossed.

With the development and introduction of the Broadcast Messaging System (BMS), a tool for private users as well as corporations and service providers is now available to distribute personalized messages, posts and offers in real-time to exact locations once recipients or potential clients enter these locations.

BMS consists of a client library for mobile applications (currently available for Android) and central components for loading, customizing and triggering offers, messages or posts. The central library also provides a tool to transmit notifications or messages to appropriate users.

In addition to standard, site-related information about events, offers or other local topics, visitors or users receive news and offers according to their interests or profile, as soon as they arrive at or are already in a particular area or region.

Through its implementation, BMS guarantees long battery life and low requirements for the transfer of site updates.

BMS can be incorporated in any mobile application as an additional service offering. The tool is free of charge for commercial and private use. A sample application, based on the community version of BMS, can be found in the Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nedeos.barua)

For more information and help with BMS, please contact info@siehog.com. Further information on Siebert Holding GmbH: Karsten Siebert, Tel. +49 176 420 292 77, email: Karsten.Siebert@siehog.com
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