Underground Aluminum URD Triplex and Quadruplex Cables Now Available at Nassau Electrical

The renowned wire and cable supplier has added aluminium URD underground irrigation cables to its long list of cable products available for sale at cost effective prices to customers from all over the world.

Great Neck, NY, August 27, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Nassau Electricals, a leading supplier of wires and cables has announced that their new underground aluminum URD quadruplex and triplex cable brands are now available for sale. The valuable cables are intricately designed for heavy duty underground power transmission applications like irrigations works. These special cables are multi-conductors perfectly engineered to offer reliable solutions in multiple underground circuits to enhance mechanization of agriculture.

Made from a high performance concentric stranded and compressed aluminum conductor, these flexible cables provide distinguishing performance for irrigation systems at desirable voltages. Additionally, the unique and specialized technology used to develop the cables optimizes their performance under heavy duty. They are also available in armored options it survive harsh environmental conditions and punishing installations.

The triplex underground aluminum URD cable has three conductors distributing two-phase power and while the third is a neutral conductor which discharges electrons to the ground to prevent electrocutions and short-circuits. The quadruplex on the other has four conductors distributing three phase power and neutral ground connection conductor. The two multi-conductor cables are highly recommended for underground installations because they effectively connect many circuits which means that very few cables will be laid during installations.

“We are delighted that many customers who have been asking for the underground aluminum URDs are now happy that we have them,” said Samuel Draper, the Vice President of Nassau Electrical. “Reliability and performance are two attributes that define a cable, and we are confident that these URDs will deliver consistent service for years because their design and assembly are engineered to deliver that.”

The conductors in both URD cables are compressed as per ASTM 1350-H19 which describes aluminum alloy made of 99.9% aluminum and the remaining percentage consists of other metals like iron, copper and silicone in a bid to help improve both the conductivity and tensile strength of the conductor. The conductors are therefore of ampacities and structural rigidity. Moreover, the alloy is fully insulated using a cross-linked polyethylene which is moisture and chemical resistant making it perfect for irrigation works.

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