Project Vulcan - A Rubix LS Novelty

Non-line of sight sensor device able to identify hazards.

Lawrence, MA, August 28, 2017 --( Rubix LS is pleased to announce a breakthrough in the ability to sense trace levels of organic compounds. The proprietary sensor technology results in extremely compact, high sensitivity devices that exhibit a high level of reliability and structural resilience.

Rubix LS founder and CEO, Reggie Swift, comments, “With this technology we are able to produce robust sensors which are able to trigger on virtually any organic chemistry at very low concentration. Beyond the obvious screening uses for transportation and border security, we see an immense opportunity in a range of commercial and industrial applications.”

Because of the compact nature of the sensors, and low cost, the devices will allow installation of large, interconnected sensor networks to monitor entire facilities. Beyond the obvious use for explosive and drug detection, the devices can be used to monitor for chemical spills and the release of both liquids and gases in any industrial or public facility. Sensor arrays for multiple chemistries could also be created to accommodate more complex monitoring needs.

The rugged nature of the sensors will also allow for monitoring of coolants and lubricants in gasoline and diesel engines as well as a range of mission critical process equipment. They can be used to monitor any process where the presence or absence of a specific organic is critical to the operation of the system.

The ability to do cost effective, real time monitoring of chemical concentrations has tremendous potential in reducing the response time to contamination in public health systems. As an example, water systems could be actively monitored for Nitrate/Nitrite and coliform contamination thus reducing the public exposure to contaminated water, which is currently tested on a monthly or quarterly basis.

About Rubix LS: Rubix LS is an engineering development firm focusing on innovation at what matters most, at the intersection of life and science. Whether it’s developing combinatory devices for targeting rare and orphan diseases or developing systems that can transform how life can evolve around us, we’re here.

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