Spotlights High-Quality Golf Web Sites is a new directory of golf Web sites that focuses on providing visitors with links to only high-quality golf sites.

San Antonio, TX, February 27, 2006 --( The newest - and soon to be best - directory of golf Web sites is Your Golf Directory, located at

The directory, a partnership between All Info About Golf and Texas Golf, aims to offer its visitors an easily navigable directory of only high quality golf sites - the best golf sites from around the Web.

"When we started this project, a few people were skeptical," said Stuart Mulligan, owner of All Info About Golf and one of the partners behind Your Golf Directory. "We heard a few times, 'but there are already so many golf directories out there.' And this is true. But what will set Your Golf Directory apart is that we will NOT be accepting any ol' site that is submitted. Web sites must be of high quality, well designed with good content, before we will include it in Your Golf Directory."

Your Golf Directory provides visitors more than 200 categories of golf Web sites, well organized to make navigation simple and intuitive. There is also a sitewide search function.

Better for owners of golf Web sites is that submission to Your Golf Directory is free, no strings attached.

Mulligan also points out that inclusion in targeted, niche directories is a good way to improve a Web site's ranking in search engines.

To submit a golf Web site to Your Golf Directory, navigate to the category most appropriate for your site and click the "Submit Link" link that appears near the top right, under the search box.

"Just be sure your site is truly a quality golf Website," Mulligan cautions, "or it won't make it into Your Golf Directory."

Stuart Mulligan