A New House Flipping Service, House Flipper HQ, Launched in Denver Colorado

House Flipper HQ offers innovative real estate, remodeling, and home design services. They turn outdated, run-down houses into high quality homes, and do so by offering a variety of services that work within anyone’s budget.

Denver, CO, September 01, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Long time friends and business partners Chad Reeves and Robert DiCroce just launched the new business dedicated to house flipping. Along with designer Aimee Dunlap, they’re striving to breathe life back into established communities in the Denver, Colorado area.

“Everyone has seen those home renovation shows on TV where a family’s home is transformed from an eyesore into the home of their dreams,” says co-owner Chad Reeves. “Great for TV but doesn’t really seem practical right? Wrong, at House Flipper HQ we can do just that. We've renovated hundreds of properties. Your dream home doesn't have to cost a fortune.”

House Flipper HQ’s goal and mission is to provide solutions that are for the betterment of all involved. Their team is devoted to that mission and will work with you to make your home and community beautiful again.

“We can create an amazing home for you and your family in these wonderful, trendy, up and coming neighborhoods,” stated Robert DiCroce. “We have a very capable team that will provide you with expertise in real estate, construction, and design. We are excited to work with you and make your dream home become a reality!”

House Flippers HQ has recently partnered with MegaMad Industries and Mark de Grasse to launch their new brand. The Austin based online brand development firm designed their logo, researched the ideal domain name, and designed their website.

“I while back I was a real estate broker in California and I’ve always been interested in architecture and interior design,” says Mark de Grasse, founder of MegaMad Industries. “The House Flipper HQ project was an ideal brand for us to help develop.”

House Flipper HQ offers both investment and standard real estate services, including a 1% listing package and a investment assessment service.

If you're interested in flipping your first property or want to build your dream home while saving money at the same time, you can set up a free consultation. Go to HouseFlipperHQ.com for details.
House Flipper HQ
Robert DiCroce