Jacksonville Surgery Center and Orange Park Surgery Center Implement CT-Free Robotic-Assisted Orthopedic Surgery

Less pain and swelling postoperatively than traditional total joint replacement methods.

Jacksonville, FL, September 03, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Jacksonville Surgery Center and Orange Park Surgery Center announced the addition of a NAVIO™ orthopedic surgical system to help surgeons perform precise and accurate partial knee replacement surgeries using the JOURNEY™ UNI knee from global medical device maker Smith & Nephew. This technology for partial knee replacements uses a CT-free intra-operative registration, planning and navigation platform to assist the surgeon in building patient-specific surgical plans. NAVIO robotics assists the surgeon in preparing the bone with the precision of robotics in a freehand sculpting technique.

"The Navio robotic system gives us the ability to see the patient’s anatomy and understand our implant plan is correct, with great accuracy - all before we ever cut the bone,” said Jeffrey Burnette, MD., an orthopedic surgeon with Orange Park Surgery Center. “The robot then helps us execute that plan perfectly.”

With no pre-operative CT-scan required, NAVIO patients receive the benefits of robotic assistance without additional time spent for pre-operative procedures. Instead, the surgeon collects anatomical data during the procedure to build a 3D model of the patient’s knee. This information helps the surgeon place the implant and balance the knee’s ligaments for optimal alignment and a well-balanced knee.

“The Navio assisted partial knee replacement allows us to perform a more accurate, patient specific, limited invasive outpatient surgery to improve outcome, decrease recovery, time and pain, and improve function for patients,” said Dr. Michael Adams with Jacksonville Surgery Center.

To learn more about who may benefit from a NAVIO knee surgical procedure, call Katie Anderson at (904) 281-0021 or Alisa Fischer-Hurst at (904) 272-2550.

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