Retro Still Rocks on Boopity Bop

Jeff Stone’s new CD proves that retro styles of music still rock.

Cleveland, OH, February 20, 2008 --( With his new CD release entitled “Boopity Bop” Jeff Stone draws from his versatile tastes to create a wide variety of catchy Pop/Rock songs that will provide a little something for everyone to enjoy.

“Shun Me” is reminiscent of the early 80s pop ballad.

With its driving acoustic guitars, the song “Time” revisits the early 90s college rock radio days.

One-hit-wonders ran amuck in the 80s. Catchy pop tunes like Jeff Stone’s “Betty’s Got A Boop” would often grace the top ranks of the weekly top 4o lists.

Alternative Rock of the late 90’s blasted the airwaves with edgy innovation. “Illness” is one such similar tune with a catchy hook surrounded by lead guitar with an attitude.

The very playful title track “Boopity Bop” is no doubt right out of the 50s. The unmistakable walking bass and emphatic seventh chords set the tone for sock hops and ice cream sodas.

The driving horns and triplet beat of “I Can’t Afford It” goes back to the late 60s early 70s featuring a mixture of great Rock and Roll with Rhythm and Blues.

A genre never far from his fingertips, Jeff pulls out a very serious county style song called “A Funny Place.”

The 90s rocked with distorted electric guitars and driving bass guitars, much like Jeff’s punchy tune “Hello.”

Although done acoustically, the song “I Do A Flip” could have easily been done with a classic big band style that even old ‘blue eyes’ would have been proud of.

Not quite the rapper, Jeff toys with his own lyrics on “Boopity Bop Part 2.” He raps and does different voice accents; sounds like he had lots of fun doing it.

“Indestructible Heart” and the acapella version “My Heart” provide a cynical and honest look at love with an 80s driving rock band style.

Jeff Stone’s Boopity Bop album definitely brings back to remembrance the Pop and Rock music we grew up listening to when you carefully listen to his musical influences. And, when you closely listen to today’s radio, you can hear all those same influences. Forget all the analytical mumbo jumbo. The message is obvious: Retro Still Rocks.

Jeff Stone
Jeff Stone