Flying Dick Releases Album “We’re on Our Own”

Debut Album Attacks Alt-Right, Fascists, Neo-Nazis & Hate Groups

Washington, DC, September 07, 2017 --( Flying Dick hits hate head-on in their debut album “We’re on Our Own,” which is now available for streaming on most platforms. The rock trio from Washington, DC, attacks the alt-right, fascists, anti-semites, neo-Nazis, white power movements and others who are seeking to destroy Democracy, freedom and diversity in the United States.

Flying Dick has already built a platoon of fans loyal to protecting freedom, diversity and Democracy. Now the band is ready to grow its army of fans who are prepared to put their fists in the air and demand that hate groups stop their hate.

“We’re going to stop the fascists and the alt-right,” said Flying Dick. “They will not rip the United States apart. We're making noise and building a movement to protect freedom and Democracy. Flying Dick will do whatever it takes to smash fascism, white power, neo-Nazis and hate groups.”

Flying Dick's message is important for young people to hear, and the album will cut through the nasty brew of online hate speech. Ideas spread when people see that music, culture and education demonstrates a moral authority. Unfortunately, so many musicians are scared to take a strong stand in this political environment. Flying Dick doesn’t cloak its message in coded terms. The band puts it right in your face. Flying Dick embraces and shouts the message that hate is repulsive and dangerous to the future of our country.

“Here’s our advice to hate groups,” said Flying Dick. “Stop the hate. Renounce your beliefs and rejoin the human race. History is on our side. Your hate will fail you."

Flying Dick will soon be releasing its tour schedule to support the album and build its army of followers. The band will also appear at rallies and counter-protests. Follow the band’s Twitter account @flyingdickmusic for these announcements.

“We’re on Our Own” now streams on many platforms, including: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal and more.

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