New Zealand Health Food Rebranding to Renew Focus on Whole-Body Health

There’s a rebirth of sorts happening at the family-owned New Zealand Health Food Company, which has seen steady growth since its launch nearly three decades ago. Just ahead of its 30th birthday, the company is not only introducing new products - including a long-awaited new line of Manuka honey - but it is also rebranding itself to reaffirm its place as one of the nation’s most popular providers of supplements, super foods and skincare.

Christchurch, New Zealand, September 09, 2017 --( Family-Focused Company Celebrates Kiwi Ingredients

Founded in 1988 by Rob Haines as a way to introduce products and nutritious ingredients indigenous to New Zealand to the rest of the world (some of the world’s healthiest items on earth are found in New Zealand), the company immediately captured global attention from other companies also looking to use the most effective natural ingredients in their products.

“Established national and international brands asked me to supply them with quality ingredients for their own production,” says Haines, who rigorously vetted the companies whose products he offers through NZHF to ensure that they meet his exacting standards.

Product lines grow as demand increases
Some of those high-quality supplements are produced in-house, a move that was a natural progression for NZHF.

“As some of these ingredients grew in popularity, and spurred on by my customers success, I developed our own retail brands,” Haines said.

Shortly after founding the company, Haines began creating product lines that took advantage of New Zealand’s diverse landscape and pristine ocean waters, including Kiwi Natural Health and New Zealand Health Food, two collections of natural supplements, these were followed by KNH, another natural supplement line, along with Manuka South, which includes products that focus on the healing powers of honey.

Because Manuka honey is highly prized for its medicinal qualities, NZHF’s rebranding efforts will include a new line of Manuka honey – sure to be popular with fans of the Manuka South line. New Zealand Health Food Company is a Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association license holder, which means that the products NZHF offers are 100 percent pure, certified Manuka honey, produced from the nectar of the manuka flowers, which only grow in certain regions of the world.

Despite growth, NZHF is still privately owned
Over the three decades that NZHF has been in operation, it has remained privately owned and locally operated, making it an important part of New Zealand’s economic strength. Rob Haines, along with his son, two daughters and son-in-law, are all an integral part of the business, and all strive to provide quality products at an affordable price, so that health and wellness aren’t out of reach for anyone.

The rebranding is reflective of the growth NZHF has experienced since its inception, which hasn’t altered the company’s mission to provide a one-stop shop for a wide range of health-focused products including supplements, super foods, skin care products, sports nutrition and weight management as well as essential oils.

The focus remains on providing high-quality products, many using locally sourced ingredients to help introduce the rest of the world – NZHF ships internationally - to the health benefits offered by the nutrient-dense offerings that are part of New Zealand’s diverse landscape.

New logo showcases company mission
In the past 29 years, New Zealand Health Food Company has grown in such a way that it fully encompasses the mind, body, spirit symbolism of the lotus flower through the wide range of products it now offers.

The centerpiece of New Zealand Health Food’s (NZHF) rebranding efforts is a new logo that’s an updated, more contemporary version of the company’s original lotus flower. The three petals of the flower reflect the three pillars of health – mind, body and spirit – that are part of the company’s focus on whole-body health. The logo’s simple green color palette pays tribute to the earth as it celebrates the company’s high-quality, continuously-expanding product line.

You’ll also see an upgraded, more user-friendly website
The rebranding will also highlight an updated, easier to navigate website that will not only include current tools such as a chat box and links to social media, but also new features and a design that will make it easier for both existing and new customers to find the right products for them to reach their optimum health goals.

The website will offer the same superior customer service for which the company’s retail store in Christchurch is known. Both online and at the retail store, the family-run company is staffed with knowledgeable people who are devoted to helping their customers be the best that they can be, mind, body and spirit, and they have scoured the world to find products manufactured by companies with the same devotion to health and wellness.

For more information about New Zealand Health Food Company or to get to know them better, visit the company’s website, If you’re local, visit the retail store at 215 Woolridge Road in Christchurch. The store, which has an excellent customer loyalty program that offers generous rewards, is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.
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