Weekly Hotels Shared About Value Added Amenities Available in Extended Stay Hotels in the USA

The spokesperson of the leading extended stay hotel booking search engine, Weekly Hotels, shared the value added amenities offered by extended stay hotels in the USA.

New York City, NY, September 13, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Weekly Hotels is a popular search engine to find and book extended stay hotels in the USA. The team of the company always stays on top to come up with some valuable information about the extended stay hotels with an agenda to educate more and more people about this amazing and affordable accommodation option. Recently at a gathering, the spokesperson of the Weekly Hotels addressed a question of a media person about the amenities offered by the extended stay hotels to its guests.

On this occasion, the spokesperson of the company shared about the amenities with an agenda to spread more awareness about the unique quality and value added services offered by extended stay hotels. “Different hotels have different amenities to offer to their guests. In fact, there are a few hotels which offered different amenities based on the tariff selected by the guests. However, the most important fact is each weekly hotel offers additional amenities to its extended stay guests, which are much more than someone staying with a traditional hotel room package.”

According to the shared details, key amenities offered by the extended stay hotels are listed below:
· Breakfast
· In Room Coffee / Tea
· Meal Service
· In room Kitchenette with all required utensils and other items
· In Room Refrigerator and Freezer
· In Room Safe
· Laundry and Dry cleaning Service
· Parking
· Parking Shuttle
· Airport Shuttle
· Car Rental Counter
· Family Plan
· Kids Facilities
· Meeting Room
· Flat screen TV
· Business Center
· Free Wifi In Public Spaces
· Free Wifi In Rooms
· High Speed Internet
· Fitness Center
· Outdoor Pool
· Indoor pool
· Jacuzzi / Hot Pool
· Govt. Safety Fire
· Pet care service
· Free Local Calls

· And more

The different hotels may have all or some of the amenities for their guests to offer. Also, the customer can choose amenities required during his extended stay based on the nature of his stay. A few amenities are common and available in a majority of extended stay hotels. On the same time, some of the amenities are offered based on the tariff selected by the guest. The spokesperson of the Weekly Hotels shared how this is in the benefit of the customer, “The different guests have different nature of their trip and extended stay, and based on that they may need different amenities. For example, a guest who is on a business trip is more likely to have access to business centers and he may not be that concerned about the family plan and amenities related to it. On the other hand, a guest with his family who is on vacations is more likely to get amenities for recreation and comfort for this family. So based on the extended stay nature, the guest can select the tariff and pay only for the amenities he is looking for during his extended stay.”

The Weekly Hotels search engine has an option to search for an extended stay hotel for preferred amenities. You, too, can explore available options of extended stay hotels you will be visiting based on the required amenities. Please visit https://www.weeklyhotels.com.
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