Weekly Hotels Shared Top Hotel Trends to be Witnessed in 2018

Weekly Hotels is a leading extended stay hotel search engine and serve thousands to millions of users daily. A spokesperson of the company shared the top 3 trends to be witnessed in the hotel industry in 2018. - January 22, 2018

Weekly Hotels Shared Thoughts on Extended Stay Travelers and Changing Landscape of Hospitality Industry

One of the biggest extended stay hotel search and booking portals, namely, Weekly Hotels shared their thoughts on increasing rate of extended stay travelers and related facts, which are changing the landscape of hospitality industry. - January 05, 2018

Weekly Hotels Announced Benefits of Extended Stay Hotels for Solo Travelers During the Holidays

The representative of Weekly Hotels shared the top benefits of extended stay hotels for the solo travelers during winter holiday season. - December 30, 2017

Weekly Hotels Announced the Best Accommodation Option for Extended Holidays

Weekly Hotels is a search engine and booking portal of extended stay hotels in the USA. The spokesperson of the company has announced extended stay accommodation as the best lodging options for travelers who are on extended stay holidays. - December 16, 2017

Weekly Hotels Shared Their Weekly Rate Search Filters to Help Travelers

One of the biggest extended stay hotel search and booking portals, Weekly Hotels, shared about their rate search filter which helps travelers finding the best weekly hotel according to their preferred weekly rates. - December 03, 2017

Weekly Hotels Shared How Different Famous Extended Stay Hotels in America Differ in Terms of Service

Extended stay hotels in the United States cater hundreds to thousands of guests daily. There are a few hotels which are really famous across the USA. The pioneer in Weekly Hotel business, weeklyhotels.com, shared how these famous hotels differ from each other in terms of service. - October 18, 2017

Weekly Hotels Shared About Value Added Amenities Available in Extended Stay Hotels in the USA

The spokesperson of the leading extended stay hotel booking search engine, Weekly Hotels, shared the value added amenities offered by extended stay hotels in the USA. - September 13, 2017

Weekly Hotels Shared Benefits of Extended Stay Hotels for Family Travelers

Weekly Hotels USA shared the benefits of extended stay hotels for the travelers who travel with family. They have shared how extended stay can be beneficial in all different ways. The Weekly Hotels USA is a search engine to find and book extended stay hotels online. - August 26, 2017

Weekly Hotels Launched Search and Price Comparison Website for Extended Stay Bookers

Weekly hotels launched a website to search and compare the prices of a range of hotels for extended stay. According to the spokesperson of the company, the website will work as an extended stay hotels search engine to find a range of hotels for travelers. - July 17, 2017

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