Hungry Dictator Press Releases Scathing Graphic Novel "The Great Successor: Kim Jong-Un"

"The Great Successor" details the realities of the recent succession of Kim Jong-Un as leader of the DPRK. From propaganda engines to "trusted" news sources, many of us will never know what really goes on in the Dark Kingdom. "The Great Successor" provides a rare glimpse at the new face (and belly) of leadership in the North.

Pyongyang, Korea, North, September 14, 2017 --( Where there is Tyranny there is Resistance.

How does a dictator gain ascendancy? What circumstances allow a tyrannical figure to co-opt, coerce, and come to force, seizing hold of a country and its people?

From the ABC’s of Adolf, Brezhnev and Castro, Sadam to Stalin, Mao to Mussolini and even overlords like Big Brother and Sauron himself, dictators have conquered both real and fictional worlds, nightmares for the day and night. Stories of their reigns are often revealed, but when the backgrounds of these dictators are told, the tale of who they were and who they would become, we may discover what makes them tick, what their later decisions will be...

Hungry Dictator Press has published "The Great Successor," a scathing political cartoon following Kim Jong-Un’s rise to power. Written by South Korean Congressman Tae Keung Ha and illustrated by Byeong-seon Choi. This graphic novel provides a glimpse into North Korea from an insider’s perspective by utilizing media outlets such as The Daily NK, Free North Korea Radio, Chosun Ilbo, and Radio Free Asia to construct the narration. The author himself, Tae Keung Ha, is the CEO of Open Radio for North Korea. A one-of-a-kind book, "The Great Successor" provides a little-known but important background perspective of Kim Jong-Un.

Illustrator Byeong-seon Choi writes in his preface, “It is said that barley sprouts grow faster when stepped on. Some liken the Korean people’s tenacious hold on life to barley sprouts. However, these are the excuses of the weak. The weak barely manage to live, hanging by a thread, against the ceaseless invasions of other countries. I now shudder at this life of continuous torment. The Korean people need to become strong, remaining undaunted in spite of foreign invasions with strong muscles moving despite tendons sticking out from their arms.”

While revealing the truth behind the North’s leader, this book also serves as a call to action: Tyranny must fall! Neither author nor illustrator care to tolerate the tyranny any longer, and you can be certain that more and more people agree with them every day. Where there is tyranny, there is resistance.

Emotionally and politically charged, anyone who spits in the face of tyrannical dictatorships needs to read this book.

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Peter Liptak
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