Kingdom Story X Samurai Shodown Collabo Season 2

Kingdom Story VS Samurai Shodown, who will be the final victor?

Singapore, Singapore, September 15, 2017 --( Due to overwhelming popularity of the previous collaboration event, "Kingdom Story," published by NHN Entertainment Co., Ltd. and developed by PICNEKO Creative Co., Ltd, is launching the second season collaboration together with "Samurai Shodown Zero Special," available from 14th to 27th September 2017.

"Samurai Shodown Zero Special" is one of the most well-regarded fighting games series introduced by SNK from Japan during the 90s - 2000s. The collaborative characters to be showcased in this second season are the evil Genjuro, Nakoruru, Amakusa, Ukyo, Mina, Galford and the indiscriminate Zankuro “The Demon” will be appearing in Kingdom Story.

"Kingdom Story" is one of the most popular Three kingdoms based RPG mobile game in South East Asia consisting of strategic battles and building management gameplay, including constructing your own battle deck with famous characters such as Guan Yu, Lu Bu, Cao Cao and etc. from Three Kingdoms.

This Kingdom Story X Samurai Shodown Collaboration event is a very limited period collaboration for two weeks in September and which will never come back again.

During collaboration, "Kingdom Story" players will be able to receive a free Samurai officer, Galford which is one of a signature character of "Samurai Shodown Zero Special" together with seven days of free unique items giveaway to boost gameplay.

In addition, various in-game events including Galford’s dagger collection for special rewards, sales promotion which gives powerful rewards for purchase starting from $5 to $350, Bonus for Group Recruit and Ranking up Samurai officers to 5 - 6 stars will be held together with Collaboration to give extra benefits to Kingdom Story players.

More information of events and collaboration are available from Kingdom Story official Facebook page. (

Title: Kingdom Story
OS:Android / iOS
Pricing:Free (In App Purchase)
Release Date: 10th Nov 2016
Genre: RPG
Language: Korean, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese
Developer: Picneko Creative Co., Ltd.
Publisher: NHN Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Contact e-mail:
NHN Entertainment Singapore Pte Ltd
Stephanie Lim
+65 96738591