New Book Release from Fireship Press—"First Voyage"

Tucson, AZ, November 02, 2017 --( It’s 1938, America is still in a depression, jobs are hard to come by and the world is preparing for war…

The "Arrow" is an old tramp freighter with a diverse crew. Patrick Welch is a young seaman making his first trip on the "Arrow" and must weather storms and ports of call trying to win the respect of the tough captain and the friendship of the rough and ready crew.

Then, when the "Arrow" arrives in Hamburg, the Nazi movement is making life difficult for those who don’t fit the mold of the new Germany. One of the crew wants to get his family out, but he has to rely on his crew mates. Will they rise to the challenge and bond together in order to outwit the pursuing Nazis?

“Wonderful read! This is the tale of a young merchant officer on his first ship on the eve of WWII. His adventures are compelling and enjoyable.” —Capt. Dennis Schroeder, Master Mariner

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About the Author
Anthony Palmiotti has made a career as a licensed merchant marine officer and maritime educator. A professor of navigation and vessel operations, he goes to sea each year as an instructor and watch officer. Through travels around the world he has developed a keen interest in history, particularly maritime history. Palmiotti has also published “Navigator’s Notebook” and has been published by a variety of maritime trade magazines most recently in the June/July 2016 issue of “Professional Mariner” magazine.

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