Navy Yard Broadband Service Provider Connects with Businesses at the Philadelphia Navy Yard

Local provider Vector180 installs high-speed Internet services for businesses located at the Philadelphia Naval Business Center.

Langhorne, PA, February 21, 2008 --( Vector180, a leading commercial provider of wireless broadband services to the hospitality, recreational and residential marketplaces, has announced that its high-speed network installation at The Navy Yard in Philadelphia is expanding to include businesses located at the Naval Business Center. Originally built at the request of Aker Philadelphia Shipyard to provide Internet service to their employees housed on-site, Vector180 has been providing Aker’s employees high-speed Internet service for over 2 years now.

Vector180 is now expanding its network to include business-class Internet services to companies located at the Naval Business Center.

“This is an under served complex when it comes to bandwidth choices” reports Bob Kelly, VP of Operations for Vector180. “We were very surprised to hear how limited the choices were for businesses looking for high-speed Internet access. We can supply speeds starting at those of a T1 and go all the way up to 40 mbps if a business needs it, for much less than the wire line providers. Here at Vector180, we don’t rely on fiber or Verizon for our bandwidth. And when you factor in the lack of cable Internet providers at the Navy Yard, it really opens up the field for a company like ours.”

“Because of the age of the infrastructure, communications systems to this part of the Navy Yard are currently under served. Going with a wireless network is the ideal solution to the problem.”

Vector180 is expanding its network offerings of business Internet solutions to serve all current and future businesses in the Navy Yard complex. As additional companies locate to the Navy Yard, Vector180 is happy to welcome them aboard.

About Vector180
Vector180 is a commercial provider of wireless broadband access to the Internet. Its solutions for delivering high-speed bandwidth are particularly suited to the hospitality sector (hotels, resorts and marinas), apartment complexes and condominium associations, and corporate customers both large and small. More information about Vector180’s high-speed connectivity services can be found at

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