Introducing Industrial Products, Supplies, Tooling, and Safety Equipment is a game-changer for property and facility maintenance. Backed by more than 45 years industry experience and product development expertise, provides an online shopping experience designed to help users make educated purchasing decisions.

Troy, MI, September 16, 2017 --( USANNEX announced recently the launch of, which offers high-quality industrial products, supplies, tooling, and safety equipment. Products are available exclusively online and ship directly to locations in the United States and Canada. industrial products raise the bar in application versatility and convenience for small- and medium-sized businesses. Industrial products include: epoxy finishes, coatings, and sealers; cleaners & degreasers; concrete patch; pipe repair; and anti-fatigue matting. Manufacturing and customer service for are headquartered in Troy, MI. features a streamlined navigation and product menu, crisp images of products being used in real-life applications, how-to videos, detailed product descriptions crafted to educate users on how products are formulated and use-case applications, and technical data and safety sheets.

“I am so proud to introduce because it provides an online shopping experience that really goes beyond a product menu and shopping cart,” said David Chernow, owner of “The site provides outstanding value for small- and medium-sized companies, empowering customers to make educated purchasing decisions that will deliver professional results without the added cost and time associated with hiring professional services.” formulates professional-grade industrial products and offers them straight to consumers, packaged in the most user-friendly way possible, so customers can do the job themselves. In addition to the appeal, the extreme versatility of the products provides tremendous value.

For example, XC-230 Epoxy Varnish, a 100% epoxy resin coating, can be used as a crystal-clear mar-resistant sealer and all-purpose coating on a wide variety of surfaces and substrates, and as a general adhesive.

“We manufacture the products. We know how they work and what customers can expect. We want to empower our customers with detailed information about the materials used to formulate the products and what to expect during every step when using the products,” Chernow said. “We don't just say provides the greatest value—we want customers to understand why it is the best value for their business.” offers industrial products, supplies, tooling, and safety equipment backed by more than 45 years industry experience and product development expertise.

“You should be able to maintain your property without depleting your budget or contracting professional services,” Chernow said. “When you have the right products, you can.”

Visit for complete product and purchasing information.

Featured Products:
XC-200 Epoxy Coating
XC-200 Epoxy Coating is a 100% solids, self-leveling, extra-long wearing epoxy formula that is permanent and resilient. This is a highly versatile, extremely durable epoxy—use it to protect new concrete floor from chemical spills and heavy traffic, or to recondition an old hardwood floor.
· 100% solids, high-strength epoxy coating system
· No VOCs: Odorless formula eliminates the need for downtime
· User-friendly and durable
· Withstands heavy and abusive traffic: Provides an abrasion-resistant, skid-free surface that will stand up to acids, alkalis, and solvents in hot and cold temperatures
· Curing: will not break down in temperatures as high as 550°F! It will cure in 35-40 minutes at a temperature of 75°F and slightly longer in colder temperatures
· Application versatility: Bonds to concrete and can be modified to hold to vertical surfaces
IN-7300 Direct-to-Tile Sealer (Gloss)
IN-7300 is the only water-based non-yellowing, high-gloss polyaspartic polyurethane on the market. It is environmentally safe and meets all USDA/FDA guidelines for installation in federally inspected facilities. Provides outstanding wear-through durability, making it the perfect finish for industries such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, warehousing, and manufacturing.
· Superior UV resistance and remains non-chalking
· High coverage rate and excellent scratch/abrasion resistance
· Exceptional adhesion and high light reflectivity
· May be thinned up to 15% with clean water
· Easy application as floor or wall coating
YDC-520 Orange Peel Cleaner & Degreaser
YDC-520 Orange Peel Cleaner & Degreaser can be used for general purpose cleaning, removing adhesive/hot melted glue, dissolving grease, and deodorizing drain lines and traps.
· Will remove tar and bitumen from most hard surfaces
· Use YDC-520 as a replacement for chlorinated and halogenated solvents
RT-100 29pc Hard Metal Drills
RT-100 is a 29-piece drill set that cuts harder materials and provides substantially longer cutting life. The set includes drill bits ranging in size from 1/16 – 1/2 x 64ths and is recommended for use in work hardening grades of stainless steel and other tough metal drilling applications.
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