Rubbo International, Inc. Releases New UT Wire Products for Simpler Cable Management

UT Wire takes familiar concepts one step further with the Pocket for Laptop, Binditz, and Cable Blanket for simpler cable management.

Santa Ana, CA, September 18, 2017 --( For consumers struggling with a growing mess of cables, Rubbo International, Inc. has announced three more solutions under the UT Wire brand for wrangling in cable clutter - the Pocket for Laptop, the Binditz, and the Cable Blanket. From the home to the outdoors to the office to destinations beyond, the new additions expand on the hassle-free concept to make cable organization simpler with no intricate parts or complex instructions.

Pocket for Laptop
Designed for the mobile laptop user, the Pocket for Laptop joins the Pocket series as a 2-in-1 product that combines a travel pouch with a mousepad. When completely unzipped and laid flat, the pouch transforms into a mousepad. Travelers can relax knowing that they will have a handy mousepad packed and still have their laptop accessories, like a mouse and a charger, safely stored and organized. The Pocket for Laptop is available for purchase in store and online at The Container Store and Staples at the suggested retail price of $11.99.

Binditz gives reusable cord wraps a new spin with its two-loop design. While the larger loop secures the cable bundles, the smaller loop goes over one end of the cable to keep the Binditz attached. Whether the cable is in frequent use or in storage, the Binditz will stay in place, earning its design the coveted Red Dot Product Design Award for 2017.

The Binditz Original pack contains three sizes, 4 of each for a total of 12 per pack. For even smaller cords like earbuds where Binditz may slip off, Binditz Mini is available in a pack of 8. Both are available in black and in white for purchase in store and online at The Container Store and Staples at the suggested retail price of $5.99 for the Original and $4.99 for the Mini.

Cable Blanket
For those in need of a trip-free environment, UT Wire introduces a new floor cord cover, the Cable Blanket. Made of soft, foam rubber, the Cable Blanket naturally lays flat with a flexible capacity for some of the lowest profile among the UT Wire cord covers. Installation is easy with the adhesive-ready Cable Blanket - simply peel the adhesive seal, stick, tuck in cables, and cover. The Cable Blanket is available in the neutral colors of beige and grey for purchase in store and online at Staples at the suggested retail price of $13.99.

For more information on the Pocket for Laptop, Binditz, Cable Blanket, and other UT Wire products, please visit

About UT Wire®
The UT Wire® brand was created with one thing in mind: hassle-free do-it-yourselfing. Based in Santa Ana, California, Rubbo International, Inc. is a frequent award winner of product design awards, including world renowned Red Dot and iF Product Design for providing simple and innovative ways to organize messy and tangled cables and cords. All of UT Wire’s products are designed for the everyday D.I.Y. users. None of the products in the line require fancy installation tools, intricate parts, or following complicated instructions. Just simple products to keep cords organized, the hassle-free way.
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