Classic Clothing Item Gets New Lease on Life

Shirt Studio Corporate is a custom uniform supplier which has experienced massive momentum behind the "dressing-down" office trend.

Greenslopes, Australia, September 18, 2017 --( The face of office uniforms is changing with one research paper finding that only 18% of workers regularly wear a tie and more and more workplaces are opting for casual uniforms. Professor Cooper from Lancaster University says this trend greatly benefits most industries by, ‘making the office less stressful’. One Australian uniform company, Shirt Studio Corporate, at the forefront of this movement saw a problem.

Shirt Studio Corporate is a custom uniform supplier which has experienced massive momentum behind the ‘dressing-down’ office trend. Chief Designer Fiona Anchal said Shirt Studio are pro casual dressing for certain office situations as it can be a practical choice, however stated that the problem happens when casual dressing becomes messy dressing.

“When you see what is on the market, employers don't have a lot of options if they want to follow the casual trend,” said Mrs Anchal.

Mrs Anchal said, “A staple of casual dressing has always been the polo-shirt however, the options available in bulk order are often poor quality.”

“A polo shirt is an obvious choice when a uniform overhaul is due. It is casual and comfortable but in assessment of the options available in bulk, many are simply not appropriate for the office. Poor quality materials and ‘sports’ focused design, including mesh panels and shortened sleeves, are not compatible with most corporate environments,” she said.

What if we could combine the best of two worlds?. This was the question asked by Shirt Studio Corporate when confronted by the polo-shirt issues.

The company is passionate about bringing much needed innovation into the uniform industry. Their new range of office appropriate polo-shirts are one way and set to be launched in the marketplace any day now.

“With literally hundreds of customisation options, there really is something for everyone,” said Mrs Anchal.

But, what exactly has brought around the need for a uniform revolution? A combination of globalisation, technological advances and cultural shifts have meant that the office is an ever-increasing casual place.

While studies certainly affirm the importance of having a uniform, that uniform doesn’t necessarily have to be uncomfortably formal. This means that the polo-shirt has a renewed life in offices across the country.

When asked what they thought about the casual uniform movement, Mrs Anchal said that it is an inevitable cultural change. They said that their priorities, and the priority of any other business which wishes to stay relevant, is to get ahead of the change and get creative. Polo shirts can be casual but still need to maintain a professional image.

About Shirt Studio Corporate

Corporate Uniforms are our specialty - catering for small boutique companies right through to larger corporations and franchises, Shirt Studio Corporate has an extensive range of uniform products to suit most corporate environments. Corporate dressing has changed so much in the past few years and there is a place for the 'traditional' corporate dressing as well as an opportunity to 'dress down' the corporate look. Blending the two is where we work best - understanding your needs and creating a unique uniform for your company is what excites us the most.
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