ViZn Energy Named Best Li-Ion Alternative for Grid-Level Energy Storage

Navigant Research selects ViZn for superior market strategy and product execution.

Austin, TX, September 20, 2017 --( ViZn Energy Systems Inc. (ViZn), a leading provider of utility scale energy storage systems, was named the top non-lithium ion (Li-ion) battery for grid storage by Navigant Research. The recently released report, Navigant Research Leaderboard: Non-Lithium Ion Batteries for Grid Storage, concluded that ViZn’s zinc-redox flow battery systems are in the best position to capitalize on the numerous weaknesses of Li-ion technology and capture a piece of the rapidly growing stationary storage industry.

“We’re thrilled that a highly respected research and consulting firm like Navigant has recognized the unique value proposition that our flow batteries provide to utilities and C&I facilities,” stated Ron Van Dell, CEO of ViZn Energy Systems. “They join an ever-expanding list of industry analysts, media, and most importantly customers that see the bankability of a flexible energy storage system that performs a greater mix of energy and power applications than other technologies on the market for 20 years and with non-toxic chemistry.”

The Navigant Research report ranked thirteen top non-lithium ion battery energy storage vendors based on the following criteria: vision, go-to-market strategy, partners, production strategy, technology, geographic reach, sales, marketing, and distribution, product performance, product quality and reliability, product portfolio, pricing, and staying power. ViZn’s systems stood out among the competing flow batteries, advanced lead-acid batteries, and zinc-based batteries as being best able to compete with Li-ion batteries for stationary energy storage market share and having the most well-established and comprehensive product portfolio.

"ViZn's advantage in this market results from both the advantages of its technology and the ecosystem of partnerships it has developed. The operational flexibility of the company's technology combined with the ability to reduce prices using low cost materials will be key as the market matures. ViZn has developed pre-configured products targeting multiple customer types including utility-scale, C&I, and remote/off-grid, along with partnerships to support its strategy in these markets," said Alex Eller, energy research analyst at Navigant Research.

ViZn is currently delivering systems in the United States, Canada, Central America, Europe, and India. ViZn Energy’s flow batteries experience zero capacity fade over 20 years and they have full access to 100 percent of their state of charge, giving them significantly more usable output than competitive batteries. They are also uniquely capable of performing both rapid, high-power discharges and slower, long-duration releases at lower power - unlike other comparable storage technologies which can only do one or the other. This ability to provide a second daily cycle of merchant services can result in $50,000 to $150,000 more income per megawatt, per year for utilities and C&I facilities. The inherently safe zinc-iron chemistry uses globally abundant materials and is non-flammable, non-toxic, and easily recyclable at the end of its life.

About ViZn Energy Systems, Inc.
ViZn Energy Systems, Inc. is an energy storage leader that is deploying a highly versatile zinc-redox flow battery solution for utility, commercial and industrial, and microgrid applications worldwide. The company was founded in 2009 by a visionary team of scientists, engineers, and business leaders who were passionate about creating a revolutionary energy storage solution that can uniquely perform a broad array of power and energy services for up to 20 years while also providing superior return on investment (ROI) on total system costs. Based on eight years of research, the ViZn solution is safe, reliable, cost effective, and scalable to meet the needs of today’s ever-changing energy landscape. For more information, visit:
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