Unelma Platforms Launches Music Sharing Platform Called Unelma Musik: Umusik.io

Chitwan, Nepal, September 23, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Unelma Musik is music sharing platform that allows users and music lovers to upload their music online and share them with the world. Unelma musik is feature rich with tons of feature that will connect music fans across the globe to share and express the taste of music among themselves.

Unelma musik has an outstanding set of features such as streams, which allows anyone to stay updated with other music lovers together with inbuilt messages, playlist, and exploration (that allows people to discover new music and find new friends). One can easily organise the music tracks using the playlist, share your music with friends on all the major social networking platforms or either embed it on your websites or web applications.

Unelma Platforms is a software platform development company specialising in state-of-the-art software for higher-education, healthcare and business markets and Unelma platforms is a world-renowned company for developing high quality and empowering software platforms. One of such platform product is Unelma Musik - where anyone can upload sounds, music, podcasts to the world or simply enjoy the music among themselves.

There are two major sides to the music: creators and listeners. The music authors can upload the music, sounds, podcasts in the Unelma musik platform. Not only they can upload music, but they can also connect with the community and increase the audience for the music and learn about the public who are engaging with the creator's music using advanced statistics. The music listeners, on the other hand, can easily explore new music, discover new people and engage with the artists. The listeners can also share favourite music with friends on popular social networking sites.

Unlike popular music sharing platform, Unelma musik is open and unique to not only artists and musicians but also to developers who want to develop the platform where artists can do simple collaboration and share music in a private settings and also get feedback or discuss music.

Unelma Musik (umusik.io) is ready for the public; an early beta version is launched free to use by anyone.
Unelma Platforms
Dr. Santosh Kalwar
Ratnanagar-04, Tandi
Chitwan, Nepal