Ubisecure Introduces Subscription Licensing Options for Customer IAM On-Premise Deployments

Customer Identity & Access Management provider Ubisecure offers radical new SaaS inspired subscription model to providers customers and partners with greater flexibility in how they adopt and scale their identity management needs.

London, United Kingdom, October 01, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Ubisecure, the European Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions provider, today announced the introduction of subscription licensing for on-premise deployment of its CIAM solution. With subscription licensing the software is leased for the contract period, instead of purchasing the license outright enabling customers to balance the security demands of deployment with the flexibility and cost effectiveness of SaaS. With the majority of European CIAM deployments being on-premise rather than cloud, the new licensing options will offer partners and customers a much more effective means of adopting and scaling CIAM in line with business needs.

The subscription license option provides not only a change to the financial model of deployment, moving from capital expenditure to operational expenditure but also brings flexible scalability options and on-demand feature enablement more commonly associated with cloud based models.

On-premises deployments provide organisations with full control over the platforms, applications, systems, and data related to their customer identity management. With on-premise subscription licensing, the organisation receives the benefits of on-premise deployments that typically cannot be delivered with cloud based solutions, for example, management by own personnel, management to own processes, precise control of data location, and direct control of disaster recovery mechanisms, but with the cost control benefit associated with SaaS based pricing.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our subscription licensing option. Subscription licensing provides customers with the combination of security assurance of on-premise and the flexibility of monthly payments,” said Simon Wood, Ubisecure Group CEO. “Moreover, our variable subscription option allows customers to scale up and down on a month by month basis to match their business needs and not be forced to license for peak usage the year round.”

With the introduction of subscription pricing for on-premise deployments, Ubisecure now supports monthly billing for all deployment options – on-premise, cloud or hybrid.

For further information on Customer IAM and subscription pricing for on-premise deployments, contact Ubisecure at https://www.ubisecure.com/about/contact/

About Ubisecure
Founded in 2002, Ubisecure is a pioneering European b2b and b2c Identity Services software and cloud services provider dedicated to enabling the true potential of digital business.

Ubisecure’s Identity Platform comprises of Customer IAM (Identity & Access Management) and Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solutions that allow businesses to put the customer’s identity at the beginning of their journey to create a seamless, secure experience across digital services and devices. Uniquely, Ubisecure’s Identity Platform also connects digital services and Identity Providers, such as social networks, mobile networks, banks and Governments, to allow Service Providers to benefit from the rich, verified identities to streamline login, registration and customer engagement while improving privacy and GDPR consent around personal data sharing.

Ubisecure is headquartered in Finland with regional presence in the UK. The company operates through a pan-European network of System Integrator partners.
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