YourSports & Athletic Reform Partner to Provide Exposure to High School Football Recruits and Develop Social Communities

Organizations form strategic alliance to bring high school football into Social 3.0.

Wichita Falls, TX, October 05, 2017 --( Emerging social media platform YourSports and Athletic Reform, a high school football recruiting services company have entered into a collaborative partnership to build engaged online social communities and to expand opportunities for emerging student-athletes.

“We are excited to be partnering with YourSports, because our young student-athletes will have the ability to have their entire careers showcased in a social environment like never before, from their youth football days all the way to their current high school careers and beyond,” said Athletic Reform CEO, James Ackel.

“We already use social media to help our athletes gain exposure, but this partnership will allow our athletes to be featured in a ‘sports-only’ environment, not only to showcase their athletic accolades on the field, but to illustrate who they are as individuals during a complex, but critical process.”

Ackel played football in high school, in college and as a professional and his group draws upon personal experiences to assist players in pursuing their ambitious, but achievable goal of getting to the next level. YourSports brings an innovative new element to the social scene, allowing athletes to operate in a sport-centric environment that eliminates many of the distractions of daily life found on traditional social media platforms.

“Athletic Reform is committed to helping players build a lasting legacy on the field and to establish that legacy online for the world to see, which aligns perfectly with our mission,” added YourSports CEO, Jim Rutter. “Aspiring young student-athletes are laying a foundation for the next step in their sports and professional careers, and the ability to add a social component, to show who they are as a people, is an essential in allowing them to express themselves publicly during the journey.”

About Athletic Reform:
​Athletic Reform was created to assist high school athletes in earning scholarships to play college football in a country where roughly 44 million people are burdened by student loan debt. They believe in the term “strength in numbers” as they strive to give athletes as many options as possible, no matter the division or location. Athletic Reform manages the process with a human touch, building profiles and scouting reports, publishing it on their website and social media accounts, and distributing it to every coach in the Athletic Reform database, which is composed of six divisions, 65 conferences, and 649 colleges - all within 24 hours of registering.

About YourSports:
YourSports is an emerging social media platform dedicated to growing communities through sports, history, and geography. The company has built an online ecosystem that truly represents the real-life sports world’s social communities, activities and businesses at youth, high school, college, and professional levels and extends to global markets.

The YourSports database includes more than 500,000 sports teams and more than 1,000,000 online profiles, providing a robust publishing and content distribution network for fans, athletes, teams, leagues, companies, and brands to connect, aggregate, and curate information while creating a lasting sports legacy for athletes, their families, friends and fans.

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Media Contacts:
James Ackel, CEO, Athletic Reform Phone: 857-221-1581
Eamonn Donlyn: Vice President, YourSports Phone: 917-327-1127
Eamonn Donlyn