Custom Length Audio Cable Applicable to Headsets or Earpieces That Support Media Broadcasters

This Intercom Headset Cable comes in any length for a secure fit.

Cranston, RI, October 05, 2017 --( Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL) has announced the availability of Model 9364-X/Y Intercom Headset Cable Assembly with Volume Control for use by people on camera, such as TV or Media Broadcasters, Producers, Reporters, etc. As such, its length can be specified for maximum comfort of the user and facilitate out-of-sight positioning by being clipped to the user’s clothing.

The Model 9364-X/Y was custom designed for video/audio applications and has been used by major media broadcasters. When lowering the volume control, the audio will not shut off completely, as to not cause the user to miss hearing any verbal cues. This cable has been field-proven to assist numerous camera/video productions.

The overall length of the cable is approximately “X” plus “Y” inches (“X” being the length between the center of the Volume Control and the Phone Plug. “Y” being the length between the center of the Volume Control and the Telex Connector). NOTE: The connectors on ends add an additional 4 inches to the overall length. Specifying the desired “X” and “Y” lengths (in inches) when ordering, will allow you to completely customize the cable assembly length for your maximum comfort.

To view an illustration and product specifications of the Model 9364-X/Y cable, visit: To speak with one of our Technical Sales Representatives call 401-943-1164,, or

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