Sundown Publications is Pleased to Announce the Release of Vampire, The Complete Saga, by E. J. Morelli, Just in Time for Proper Halloween Reading

Leesville, SC, October 05, 2017 --( Vampire, The Complete Saga, by E. J. Morelli is the entire Vampire series previously released in four volumes now in a single paperback. The four book series remains available as originally published by Sundown for Kindle and in hard copy.

The story begins in Gilbert, South Carolina, where Gretchen, a foreign exchange student meets Rusty, a misfit in Gilbert High. The two fall in love and Rusty makes a change that will alter his life forever. Blood is spilled and the body count grows across the Midlands. When gunmen bent on killing as many innocent souls as possible choose the tiny village for a spree, Rusty and Gretchen risk everything, disclosing themselves in their vampire forms. The plot then moves to Europe and the Middle East as the pair join in an age old battle against evil. Hearkening back to the times that gave rise to the legends that became the basis for vampires, E. J. Morelli has tied current events with the roots of it all. Taste the blood and enjoy this action packed saga as bodies are impaled, children fed, and captives are freed.

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