Marketforce's Webinar: Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the hottest topics in the financial services industry, yet a recent survey found that 82% of bankers report that they don't understand it. This discussion will demystify how you can unlock its potential, and will showcase best practice, along with strategies for success.

London, United Kingdom, October 06, 2017 --( Live Broadcast 8th November 2017 - 12pm - 1pm

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Questions to be covered include:

-How might blockchain transform banking and capital markets? What are the best use cases in blockchain to date?
-What are the operational challenges that blockchain technology will face?
-Choosing the best option between permissioned and non-permissioned frameworks
-How can banks ensure they have the skills to take advantage of a fast-moving technology?
-How can larger companies learn from start-ups and incorporate their culture of innovation?
-To what extent should banks aim for standardisation of blockchain technology across the industry?
-Understanding the role of industry-wide networks: where do the opportunities lie and who should take responsibility?
-What should regulators do to create the best and safest environment for experimentation in blockchain technology?
-How widespread will the use of blockchain technology be in ten years in the banking and capital markets industry?


Richard Crook, Head of Innovation Engineering, Royal Bank of Scotland

Fredrik Voss, Vice President, Blockchain Innovation, Nasdaq

Will Beeson, Head of Operations & Innovation, CivilisedBank

Keith Bear, Vice President, Financial Markets, IBM

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